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Commander Eila Juutilainen

Name Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen 'Illu'

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35
Date of Birth February 21, 2336
Place of Birth Helsinki, Finland, Earth
Sexuality Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue grey, but occasionally wears purple contacts
Physical Description Eila is pale and rather small, but packs a surprisingly athletic package. She may look petite, but she is anything but, and is more than capable of taking on foes larger than her.


Partner Aleksandra "Sanya" Vladimirovna Litvyak
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Children none yet
Father Mika Juutilainen
Mother Agnes Juutilainen
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Aurora Edith Juutilainen (older sister)
Other Family None of note.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eila is open and friendly and is always relaxed in any situation, even when the ship is at red alert. She has developed a mischievous streak as a result of her boundless energy. However, she attempts to not let it get in the way of her official duties. Due to her carefree nature and her abilities as a counselor, Eila has developed a reputation as a dependable officer who will always have your six.

Because of Eila's background in counseling, she is able to develop a better understanding of her crewmates, and get a rough idea of their thoughts and feelings. This translates well to her duties, as she is able to improve crew efficiency and even outwit opponents.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Capable officer
+Background in counseling

-Unsure of when would be the right time to propose to her girlfriend.
-Afraid of losing Sanya
-Her personality can create the wrong first impressions
-Easily devastated
Ambitions Eila's ambitions have shifted since her field promotion to Commander. Before her promotion, she was satisfied being the Chief Counselor, but now that Starfleet has seen her as being worthy command material, her ambitions have become grander, and she now dreams of one day commanding her own starship.

On a more personal note, Eila would like for the timing to be right to propose to her girlfriend and tie the knot.
Hobbies & Interests -Saunas
-Tarot reading
-Rally driving

Personal History Eila Juutilainen was born February 21, 2336 in Helsinki, Finland to Mika and Agnes Juutilainen, their second daughter. The winter of 2336 had been a particularly harsh one in Scandinavia. The week of Eila's birth, a snowstorm blew through Helsinki, and ice buildup had crippled the city's power grid, and had been in a state of rolling power outages in the days leading up to Eila's birth. Eila's mother, Agnes, would later state that the contractions were a blessing in disguise, almost as if Eila had wanted her parents to be in the hospital, one of the few places in the city designated for essential power use.

Growing up in urban Helsinki, Eila was known as the "cool kid," always relaxed and full of boundless energy. Something that was admired of her, even as she grew older.

From a young age, Eila also had high empathy, wanting to help people. This was exemplified when one day, on her commute home from school, she bought a homeless man a warm meal without being asked to do so. It was after this day that she was suggested that she should follow a career in counseling. However, it wasn't until Eila was in high school that she seriously considered it.

When Eila grew older and her sexuality developed, she found that she had no interest in men like her friends did, and instead preferred the company of women. She pursued a few relationships with some of her cuter female classmates, but none of them lasted very long.

When Eila graduated from high school at age 19, she submitted an application for Starfleet Academy, with counseling being her chosen elective. She did so for two reasons: One, her older sister Aurora had applied for Starfleet Academy when she had graduated, two, she felt Starfleet was the best-equipped to provide her with adequate training for a career in counseling.

San Francisco was quite the culture shock for Eila, as California's climate differed wildly from Finland's. Eila also discovered the unfortunate truth of being in the counseling track meant being surrounded by Betazoids and other telepaths. As such, Eila had to find more creative ways to earn good grades.

In her junior year, Eila's bunkmate graduated and went off on his first assignment, and his empty bunk was filled by a freshman in the security track named Elma Leivonen; a fellow Finn. Eila and Elma hit it off and became good friends, often talking to each other about their classes. However, Eila began having homoerotic dreams about Elma, eventually realizing she had feelings for Elma. However, the young freshman cadet did not reciprocate Eila's feelings for her. Though Eila was secretly devastated, she respected Elma's position, and did not pursue further romantic relations with her, eventually requesting to be reassigned to a different barracks for her senior year.

Eila graduated in 2359 at the rank of Ensign, and was assigned to the USS Stockholm as a Counselor's Aide. Eila found the life of a Counselor's Aide less than stellar, as she was often doing coffee runs for the counselors, and for a few years, Eila felt like the knowledge she had accrued at the Academy was wasting away. Unfortunately, the Stockholm had no Counselor positions available.

In 2361, Eila saw that the USS Andrea Doria had an open Counselor position, and applied for it. Her application was accepted, and Eila was finally able to do what she had been trained in the Academy to do.

Aboard the Andrea Doria, Eila met a medical officer named Aleksandra Litvyak, but everyone just called her "Sanya." Sanya had requested to speak to Eila because she was a fellow Ensign, and the other officer was apparently timid talking to someone of a higher rank.

Sanya opened up to Eila about her insecurities, as she had been demoted for losing a patient, and had become withdrawn because of her failure. The two of them struck up a rapport, and it became evident that both officers wished to pursue a personal relationship, even if that meant severing the patient-counselor relationship that they had maintained.

In 2362, Sanya found her collar a half-pip heavier with a promotion to Lieutenant JG. Though she was worried Sanya would retreat back into her shell, Sanya insisted she keep seeing her, saying she would learn to tolerate the rank difference.

Still, despite insisting that she would be fine, Eila submitted a recommendation that Sanya receive a promotion for her next accomplishment.

In 2363, Eila was presented the opportunity to serve aboard the Federation's new flagship, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. She eagerly put in an application. However, it was rejected, and Eila was devastated. But, it was Sanya who convinced her that perhaps there was a reason why she hadn't been accepted onto the Federation's flagship, because she was still needed right where she was.

Eila served on the Andrea Doria for 3 more years before she found herself promoted another half-pip to full Lieutenant. However, after her promotion, Eila received news; she was being transferred to the USS Ile De France once the Andrea Doria arrived at the next starbase for a resupply. This would mean having to say goodbye to Sanya, and Eila was once again devastated. Though Sanya assured her it was going to be okay, and that they would maintain a long-distance relationship until the time was right for them to see each other again.

However, when Eila reported in on the Ile De France, she was in for a surprise, as she had been transferred to fill the recently-vacated Chief Counselor's seat. Sanya swore she would make good of this transfer, even though she was still upset about having to leave Sanya.

However, Eila wouldn't have the time to enjoy the Chief Counselor's chair, as less than a year after her transfer, she was transferred to the USS Queen Mary to fill an identical opening. However, the transfer came with silver lining, as the Ile De France was among the fleet gathered to intercept the Borg in the Wolf system, and was destroyed with all hands lost. Eila's transfer had been so sudden that she hadn't told Sanya, and the Russian Medical officer was relieved when she heard that Eila was alive, as she had feared and assumed the worst.

This made Eila realize that position wasn't as important as Sanya was to her, and so, together, she and Sanya took a leave of absence just to rekindle their relationship. When Sanya returned to duty, she put in a request that Sanya be transferred over to the Queen Mary with her. Eila's request was approved, and Sanya was transferred to the Queen Mary from the Andrea Doria.

Eila served as the Queen Mary's Chief Counselor for four years, earning a promotion to Lieutenant Commander in 2369. In 2371, Eila was brought back to Earth, as she had been recommended to take a Kobayashi Maru exam. The exam's results proved promising; and Eila impressed the instructors with her coolness under pressure.

Not too long after she had taken the exam, Starfleet's plans for Eila came to light, when she was informed that she was being transferred to the USS Ermiana to take over duties as the ship's executive officer from Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie Taylor. This transfer would also entail a field promotion to Commander. Eila agreed to the transfer and field promotion, on the condition that she be able to bring Sanya with her.
Service Record 2359: Graduated Starfleet Academy with a major in Counseling
2359-2361: USS Stockholm (Ensign - Counselor's Aide)
2361-2362: USS Andrea Doria (Ensign - Counselor)
2362-2363: USS Andrea Doria (Lieutenant JG - Counselor)
2363: Applied to serve aboard USS Enterprise-D (Application rejected)
2363-2366: USS Andrea Doria (Lieutenant JG - Counselor)
2366-2367: USS Ile De France (Lieutenant - Chief Counselor)
2367: Transferred to USS Queen Mary (Lieutenant - Chief Counselor)
2367: Leave of Absence (no reason specified)
2367-2369: USS Queen Mary (Lieutenant - Chief Counselor)
2369-2371: USS Queen Mary (Lieutenant Commander - Chief Counselor)
2371-present: USS Ermiana (Commander - Executive Officer)