The Sim


Developed in the 2350's the Galaxy Class Starship was Starfleets most advanced exploration cruiser. The design was modified over the years and upgrades installed to rectify several faults and flaws discovered by the USS Enterprise D and USS Galaxy.

The USS Ermiana is a brand new Galaxy Class Starship finally launched in 2371. The ship boasts 42 decks of advanced technology and is suited for a variety of different missions. Officially the Ermiana is a new 'refit' style of Galaxy Class with the same upgrades which the USS Enterprise D and USS Venture received. This included a modified bridge layout with extra science and mission capabilities, the newest warp drive systems and newly upgraded computer and tactical systems.

These new 'refits' were to become the new standard for all new Galaxy Class Starships and are designed to maximise the lifespan of the vessels as well as allowing them to become more versatile in their mission capabilities.