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Lieutenant Aleksandra Litvyak

Name Aleksandra Vladimirovna Litvyak 'Sanya'

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34
Date of Birth August 18, 2337
Place of Birth Moscow, Russia, Earth
Sexuality Bi-Sexual

Physical Appearance

Height 4'11
Weight 155 lbs
Hair Color silver
Eye Color green
Physical Description Sanya is small and petite. Though she endeavors to keep in shape, she is extremely timid, and usually works out in her quarters, only going to the gymnasium if accompanied by Eila and during off hours.


Partner Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Children none yet
Father Vladimir Litvyak (deceased)
Mother Olga Litvyak
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sanya is very shy and timid, and is afraid to speak to officers of a higher rank, with the sole exception being Eila. Though she has been working with Eila to be more comfortable speaking with higher ranked officers, it's not a change that comes easy for her.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Skilled medic

-Afraid to speak to higher ranked officers that aren't Eila
Ambitions Sanya's ambition is to overcome her rank anxiety so that she may become a Chief Medical Officer someday.
Hobbies & Interests -Piano
-Classical music
-Tarot card reading

Personal History Aleksandra Litvyak, or Sanya, as she prefers to be known by, was born August 18, 2337 in Moscow. The only child of Vladimir and Olga Litvyak.

Sanya grew up loving classical music. When she was very young, her father wrote a piano ballad and dedicated it to her. However, Sanya's time with her father wasn't meant to last:

When Sanya was 13, Vladimir Litvyak was murdered on a bridge near the Kremlin. Though the suspect was never apprehended, the authorities told Olga and Sanya that they suspected that Vladimir was the target of a hate crime. Sanya didn't know what came over her at the time, but she vowed that she would make her late father proud and become a doctor, so that she might be able to save victims of future hate crimes.

When Sanya graduated from high school at age 18, Sanya submitted an application for Starfleet Academy. However, it was rejected when she failed a background check. Sanya sought an appeal, and in the process discovered that her father had dabbled in illegal work. Sanya stated at the appeal hearings that she had been unaware of her father's illegal activity.

Sanya's arguments convinced the Academy to reverse its decision, and Sanya was accepted into Starfleet Academy on the Medical track. Knowing she just barely got in by winning her appeal, Sanya kept her head down and studied hard during both Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical Academy, graduating at Lieutenant JG in 2361 and being assigned to the USS Andrea Doria.

However, tragedy struck almost immediately, as one of the first patients Sanya was tasked with tending to died while in her care. The CMO and command staff were furious, and demoted her to Ensign as punishment.

Following her demotion, Sanya was deeply ashamed of herself, and as such, she became incredibly withdrawn to the point that it began impacting her work, and Sanya was recommended to the ship's chief counselor. However, Sanya requested to see a lesser counselor named Eila Juutilainen, as Eila was Sanya's rank equal.

Sanya opened up to Eila about her failure, and the two of them struck up a rapport. As the number of visits increased, Eila brought out a side of Sanya that she hadn't previously given much thought to, and made Sanya realize that she also harbored attractions towards women, and that she might be bisexual.

Sanya agreed to pursue a relationship with Eila, on the condition that they would no longer be counselor and patient, but rather friends, and later lovers.

In 2363, Sanya successfully stabilized an engineer who had been subjected to severe plasma burns, and the engineer made a full recovery. This was a huge deal, as the patient Sanya had failed to save 2 years ago was an engineer who had suffered identical injuries. By saving the engineer this time around, Sanya had finally done enough "attagirls" to earn her half-pip back.

Shortly after her promotion, Eila's application to serve on the Federation's flagship, the USS Enterprise D, was rejected. When her girlfriend seemed inconsolable, Sanya pulled out an old tarot deck she had lying around and decided to read Eila's fortune to her, and what the cards told them was that Eila's work on the Andrea Doria wasn't finished.

Eila and Sanya served together until 2366, when Eila was reassigned to the USS Ile De France. However, in early 2367, Sanya received news that the Ile De France had been lost with all hands at Wolf 359. As Sanya desperately attempted to contact Eila, she performed another tarot card reading, and the cards suggested that fortune had favored Eila. When Sanya managed to get in touch with Eila, she was immensely relieved, and learned that shortly before the Ile De France was called upon to join Admiral Hanson's fleet, Eila had been reassigned to the USS Queen Mary, and the transfer had been so sudden she had neglected to tell Sanya.

Soon after the call, Sanya took a leave of absence along with Eila to rekindle their relationship. However, before Sanya left, she was surprised with a promotion to Full Lieutenant. Sanya was glad she and Eila had taken a leave of absence, as during that time, the two of them had grown closer than they ever had before.

Sanya returned to find she had transfer orders waiting for her; as Eila, who was the Queen Mary's chief counselor, had requested that Sanya be transferred over to the Ambassador class starship. Since Eila was a member of the Queen Mary's senior staff, the request had been granted.

Sanya and Eila were together on the Queen Mary for four years before Eila was suddenly shuttled off to earth to take a Kobayashi Maru exam. When Eila returned, she was a stunned full Commander who was being transferred to the USS Ermiana to become its new First Officer. Eila had agreed to the transfer and field promotion, only on the condition that she be able to take Sanya with her.
Service Record 2361: Graduated from Starfleet Medical Academy
2361: USS Andrea Doria (Lieutenant JG - Medical Officer)
2361-2363: USS Andrea Doria (Ensign - Medical Officer)
2363-2367: USS Andrea Doria (Lieutenant JG - Medical Officer)
2367: Leave of absence (no reason specified)
2367-2371: USS Queen Mary (Lieutenant - Medical Officer)
2371-Present: USS Ermiana (Lieutenant - Medical Officer)