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Name Breeze (Image of wind among trees.) Real name

Position Specialist

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Unknown
Age 30
Date of Birth 10/10/2341
Place of Birth N/A (No Reference)
Sexuality Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft. 7 in
Weight 132 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color chocolate
Physical Description Breeze is a healthy young woman with curves and modest figure, she is athletic but carries herself with a grace about her. Her expression she wears is one of soft understanding and never really one to show less than friendly expression to anyone. Her blonde hair and chocolate eyes make a stunning contrast. She seems to move not unlike her namesake, like she drifts upon the breeze.

Favoring fitted clothing that leaves material to flow around her. Her past shoulder length blonde hair is in contrast to her Chocolate colored eyes and soft oval face and soft cheeks. Breeze has a natural grace in her mannerisms and her movements like she is floating or a dancer's flow.


Relationship Status Single
Father Reef (Image of an ocean reef.)
Mother Meadow (Soft picture of meadow .)
Other Family Diplomatic Officer CMDR Reginald Smithe (Adoptive Father)

Wife of Diplomat: Tonya Smithe.

Dedra Selane (Betazoid Mentor)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Breeze is a gentle soul, despite not having Vocal cords she is a strong Telepathic type rated highly upon the Betazoid People. She is a very caring person as a rule and unless contradicted treats everyone as a potential friend. She smiles much more than any negative thought about anyone. Willing to help whenever she can, she would cook you a meal if you say you are hungry.

She tends to use the UT voice that is specifically designed for her. It sounds nearly human, it has a softer tone to it.

She has a tramatic Dispise for Replicators; she hates that she must utilize them so widely. She begrudgingly learned how to get the most out of them but favors artisan or natural product over replicated. Very against replicated clothing; states it is abrasive to her skin, makes adaptations to programming for her tolerance. Will not eat from replicator unless necessary or forced to.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Understands those speaking around her in many languages
+ Helpful as Medical First Responder
+ Has a natural air of understanding.

+ / - Can seem superior like a parent explaining or pacifying a small child.

- HATES replicators, but forces herself to utilize them.
- Her no vocal cords and use of artificial systems sometimes hinder her 'Talking' to people.
- Gets mild migraines from too much negativity/ anger pointed towards her.
Ambitions To be of service to those she serves with.
Hobbies & Interests Listening to Music
flute playing
Dancing of many types
Tai Chi
Making real alcoholic replacements for Synth Ale.
Swimming (Long various types.Distance)
Meditation in 'Quieter places.'
Cooking near chef level.
Chemistry Mainly with changing formula in replication programs.
Being around people and just 'Listening.'
Fine manners
Quiet time painting (One of few things she accepts from replicators)

Her favorite Holodeck Program is riding/ Piloting Balloon and Airships.

Personal History Breeze's only memory of her childhood was how strong a healer her mother could be; tech tools, herbs or anything could help. So good that a Pirate raided a small ecological craft to take her mother and Breeze hostage. Breeze cannot remember if her Father Reef was there or not when the attack comes and if her was killed?

The Pirate Crew depend upon Meadow to heal them and keep the in fighting shape, her daughter Breeze also knew the ways of healing but at a smaller degree. Using threats of starving or harming of Breeze they literally worked Meadow to near death. Only when the Captain had what was thought a mortal wound did the crew hold a weapon to Breese's head to make her use all she had to save him. The attempt killed her yet the Captain survived and recovered with some help from Breeze.

The Pirate ship crossed a more powerful Privateer and the crew were slaughtered, the ship pillaged while Breeze hid away in a small space near the waste reclamation deck. It is while the ship drifted with minimal Life support in areas; Breeze knew during combat hatches were 'dogged' to keep the ship section safe; she managed to get a small living area in the Command section to live in.

She could not cry out as her belly and body needed food; the operational replicator had been modified; the Pirates knew without speech the two 'Healers' could not voice activate the replicator; so no manual back-up. Breeze could not get food or water; forced to use the emergency water rations she could scrounge and once exhausted licked condensation for some substance. By the time the hulk became a navigational hazard when it drift into Federation Space it was an Older excelsior Class vessel that happened upon the hulk, before destroying it the sweep luckily detected faint life sign on the ship.

Extreme dehydration and lacking Nourishment she was rescued. While on the journey to a station Little Breeze had the Diplomat Officer Reginald Smithe and his wife Tonya got assigned to foster her for the remainder of the patrol. Her 'Birth Defect' was thought to be among a strain from Ramatis III. The ruling class had no way to hear and a 'Choir' of telepathic members spoke for the Ruling Class Individual. But her lack of Vocal cords did not match any defects from that race. While confirming this information over subspace transmissions and delays from replies, The Diplomatic Officer; humans both he and wife, formed an attachment to Breeze. Especially Tonya, as she took the role to care for the child as Foster Parent.

Difficulty in communicating with Breeze proved difficult to reason why the Girl destroyed Replicators and refused to eat the meals replicated for her? It was the Betazoid Counselor Selane forming a telepathic bond drew out the child's fear/ hatred of Replicators. The Pirate modification took out manual over-ride of replicators where Federation units had that Manual capability. Breeze did not know a manual setting is possible and therefore destroyed the 'Units' that starve her nearly to death.

Dedra Seline became very close extended family to the Smithes and Breeze. The Diplomats did adopt the then 8 year old child and took her on missions and such with the USS Ticonderoga. The majority of Smithe's career was spent with that ship until trasfer to a station for a time.

Breeze learn quickly; especially having brought to notice her talent to 'understand' a majority of people she encountered, a handy trait with her high degree of telepathy. This aided in Diplomatic situations throughout her time growing up and later being trained as an Diplomatic assistant. Also she had watched and could mimic what others did quickly, learning to ance all sorts of styles and types. Her love of music allowed her to be free with her Dancing talent, as a diplomats daughter she was introduced to Ballroom and the more traditional Earth style, along with Vulcan, Betazoid and Bajoran dancing. It was also a love of quietly painting vibrant pieces of aart that came to be desired, exchanged and gifted to other diplomatic functions.

Breeze had a affinity for chemistry; a love for cooking and delved into creating liquor to replace that Vile replicated Synth Ale. Even so far as to scan with Tricorders real alcoholic beverages of many types and altering the atomic structure with the replicator recipient of Synth Ale molecular structure to produce real version of the replicated Ales.

Her skills were used to support Diplomatic events she had attended with her 'Parents' and later as her Solo Diplomatic requests were completed. Breeze had the training to be a Civilian Diplomat but chose not to use that as her career. She could do both service to cater to the needs of diplomatic people and the races they encountered but her 'Understanding' also allow her to make wise suggestion and such. When not requested to do the Diplomatic thing she prefer to be a member of the Social support staff; run a lounge of cater to the needs of a star-ship crew.

SHe lived quietly in her role; helped in some Key negotiation with Transnational difficulties and avoided soe accidental poisonings due to lack of research by the Catering Staff of OPS or medical's evaluation of nutritional needs. Never one to be anything less that supportive and Low key she did not take many of the accolades she earned publicly. She prefer to hang the ertificates and other rewards on a wall. But her reputation became renowned. To a point she jumped assignments when her reputation 'caught up' and too many Diplomatic demands upon her. Breeze refused Fleet assignment as a Diplomatic Officer, and enjoyed supportive roles rather than forefront.

She eventually ended up on Deep Space 9 and was quietly helping run a Station Tavern when Diplomatic negotiations were strained; the Maquis were trending problem with no clear Diplomats to settle disputes near Bajor. Cardassias are not kind to deal with and so when an opening as a 'Specialist; the only billet rating appropriate to her skill set was filed on her behalf Breeze took an assignment as a Civilian Specialist on the USS Ermiana.

Service Record Forget it, she is not Fleet.