USS Ermiana Game Rules

By signing up as a player on the USS Ermiana, you are required to follow and respect these rules and policies that have been written by the Command Team.

Character & Application Rules
Posting Rules
Code of Conduct
Promotion & Demotion Policy
Leave of Absence Policy

Character & Application Rules

• No one under the age of 18 will be accepted onto the USS Ermiana. The command staff will only allow players over the age of 18 to join.
• Characters must be your own creation and your own property. They cannot be a Canon Character e.g. Captain Kirk and they cannot be plagiarised from another sim.
• Characters biographies must be filled out correctly. All the fields must be filled to a good length and detail. A sample post must be provided on application.
• Characters must not have any god-like power.
• Augments of any kind, Members of the Q Continuum, Species 8472, Un-liberated Borg, and any other hostile Delta Quadrant races are not accepted as crew on the USS Ermiana. If you apply with one of these the application will be rejected.
• Characters rank must not be higher than the department heads rank when applying. If applying for a department head position then please assume that your character has reached a maximum of Lieutenant Junior Grade.
• Rank and position may be changed or negotiated with the command staff on application with regards to biography quality and player experience.
• No character, none-playing or otherwise will outrank the Commanding officer and Executive Officer.
• None-Playing Characters must have a simple biography. They do not need to be as detailed, but they do need some content.
• No other player shall use a Primary Character or Linked None-Playing Character without the owner of the character’s permission.
• Characters must be realistic. They must have gone to either Starfleet Academy or through the Starfleet Enlisted Corps Academy. No character can be under the age of 22 (If an officer) or 20 (If enlisted) unless they are a characters children.
• Characters must not have any direct contact with canon events. Your character did not command the USS Enterprise, however they could have served upon the Enterprise as a low position and not a senior staff position. This does not apply to NPC fictitious ships.
• If making a NPC or Secondary Character in another department other than your own if the Department had a Playing Department Head can only be created once the Department Head has given permission. If no Dept Head Character is present, permission must be gained from the Commanding Officer.
• Characters on the website when removed or deactivated will remain on the “Inactive Manifest” for archive purposes.

Posting Rules

• Posts are to be written in the 3rd person. This means in the style of “he/she said” and not “I said”.
• Posts are to be at least 150 words long. Shorter posts will be put back to saved and you will be asked to improve upon them.
• All Posts must be written in clear English. If your character has other languages, such as Japanese and talks in Japanese without a Universal Translator that is acceptable, providing there is a translation provided.
• Posts must be realistic, your character is not a miracle worker and you cannot do everything.
• All members of the USS Ermiana are required to post at least a minimum of One Mission Post or Personal Log every Two Weeks. This is to maintain activity.
• Joint posts must be between two characters. You must leave a note saying (TAG - Character Name) to show where to respond. Open TAGS can be left too to use your imagination.
• Personal logs must be written in the First Person. They are essentially a diary so first person “I said” must be used.
• Each post you participate in must be signed with your Character’s Name, Rank and Position. This also applies to any None-Playing Characters as well.
• Posts may be moderated by the command staff. This is for any player who need’s guidance or the post is deemed unsuitable to publish. This may also happen to keep the timing correct.
• Do not post unfinished saved joint or single posts. Any unfinished posts will be moved back to saved status until they are completed.
• Do not edit posts after being published, unless you have been given permission by the writer and the command team.
• Mild swearing is allowed. Under no circumstance will violent or offensive language be used.
• The Ermiana is an inclusive sim. There will be no Racist terms or discrimination within posts or otherwise. Such actions will result in instant removal from the game.
• Posts must not include any pornographic activities. It can be implied, but it must not be written. Hugging, Kissing is acceptable, but any type of pornographic writing will be deleted.
• Posts must not include any canon characters from Star Trek or related franchises. Copyright infringement on these characters is a serious offense and will not be tolerated.
• Under no circumstance must posts involve any illegal or immoral activities. This can include abuse to others, murder, drug abuse, alcohol abuse etc.
• It is a requirement to enjoy yourself whilst writing on the Ermiana

Code of Conduct

• All rules must be upheld by all members of the Ermiana. Any breaking of the rules will result in punishment.
• Players must respect and be kind to other players on the sim. Arguing is not acceptable behaviour out of character.
• Problems must be taken up the chain of command. Your direct superior officer is your Department Head. Department Heads report to the Second Officer. The Second Officer reports to the Executive Officer and the Executive Officer reports to the Commanding Officer.
• The chain of command can be skipped if there is a serious problem, in which the Commanding Officer will either take care of the issue or contact the fleet JAG.
• Access powers must not be abused. Department Heads will have access to their department only, and the players within. If access if abused then it will be revoked.
• Under no circumstance will a player hack into or use another players account without permission from the player and both the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer.
• Any behaviour that is deemed unacceptable or inappropriate will be dealt with by the proper chain of command and punishments will be issued.
• Players must respect the chain of command and listen to their superior officer.
• All Starfleet Personnel are required to follow orders, unless it is part of the story. Not to do so will result in mutiny charges.
• The command team has the right to remove any player or character that they deem unacceptable or inappropriate. Unfair dismissal can be filed with the JAG if you believe that you were judged wrongly.
• There is a three warning policy on the Ermiana. If you commit one offense then you will be given a warning. The second time you will get a final warning and an email from the command staff. The third time you will be removed from the sim.

Promotion and Demotion Policy

• All Starfleet Officer’s that join the Ermiana will start at the maximum rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade or equivalent unless there are special circumstances from the command team.
• Promotions will be handed to those who participate in good quality posts during the mission.
• Promotions will also be handed out to those who deserve it, not because you want it.
• No one shall be promoted to a higher rank that the Executive and Commanding Officers.
• Demotions shall be used as punishment for violating the code of conduct. Any character may be demoted to a lower rank depending on the seriousness of the violation.
• The command team have the right to demote a character from a senior position to another position within the same department if the player is inactive.
• Department heads may promote and demote players in their department; with permission from the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer and only if the player is not higher rank than the department head, and with a valid reason.
• You have the right to change your None-playing characters rank, but not your own. You cannot promote or demote yourself.

Leave of Absence Policy

• A player can request a Leave of Absence at any time.
• You have the right to take a Leave of Absence with a valid reason. This does not include “I got bored, so I’ll come back when you do the next mission”.
• Leave of Absence can last up to four weeks starting from the day of acceptance.
• Extended Leave of Absence can last up to Eight Weeks from the day of acceptance.
• The command team have the right to deactivate any player or character that has been on Leave of Absence for over Eight Weeks.
• You must inform the command team when you return from Leave of Absence in order to be returned to active duty.