Chief Operations Officer Log #1

Posted on Mon Dec 18th, 2023 @ 1:12am by Lieutenant JG Kromal Ezazzan

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Computer, begin log.

Commander Emma Crandall of the USS Gandhi was an inspiration for me to move beyond the events that transpired on the USS Hera. It's strange to think that discrimination can take many forms, even the visage of the stalwart and logical Vulcans, but nonetheless I feel it happened. There was no harshness to it, just ... a feeling. Captain Silva La Forge of the Hera seemed to be the most level headed of the bunch, but I felt that her First Officer was not. Regardless, I was given a transfer and promotion - perhaps to sooth whatever wounds had been wrought. Commander Crandall notified me later that the Hera had gone missing, presumed lost, and that I was very fortunate to have left when I did.

I spent some time in quiet meditation on the event. The Great Egg Bringer was truly merciful to me. Clan Ezazzan would have been greatly ruptured by my loss, though I feel not so much in the way many of my hatch-mates think. They had all expressed their sympathies to me when they too learned of the fate of the Hera, but they, like my parents, expressed gratitude of my safe transfer. Even my mate expressed the same.

My promotion off the Gandhi was one of a more professional and joyous nature. My crewmates were elated and Commander Crandall seemed the proudest. I have looked up some of the history of the USS Ermiana and while I have indeed served on an Ambassador-class, I have not as yet had the privilege to serve on a Galaxy-class. I am elated and proud to serve on a class similar to the Enterprise-D. My grandfather, Erahlik, expressed admiration. We spent many hours recently recalling his exploits on the USS Midway. He, too, had many such similar moments of reflection and appreciation to serve on a similar class as the originals Enterprise. I found out his Starfleet inspiration was Captain Kirk. Mine, I said, was Commander Crandall.

I aspire to be like such a man that could inspire such loyalty and purpose in their crew as the Commander did with me. I hope by this transfer I not only make my father and grandfather proud, but also all of Clan Ezazzan and all of the Starfleet crew and officers I have had the honor of serving alongside. My friends moreso, how limited they were.

The date of my expected transfer approaches soon. I look forward to my new posting. I will be a Chief Operations Officer. My father is proud of me. My grandfather as well. One day, perhaps, I too will be an inspiration for another Gorn or Starfleet crewman.

I must now contact my mate. She has been eager to talk. My hatchlings are doing well. I am a proud father. Essanbet has informed me that she chose Eradaar as the clutches chosen. I approved the choice. Eradaar is a feisty yet lively hatchling. She will truly bring honor to the Clan. I just know it.

Computer, end log.



Tags: 2371, Personal Log

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