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Late Night Workout

Posted on Wed Aug 24th, 2022 @ 10:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Elliot Glenn Dr & Captain Mikoto Misaka

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Mission: The Search
Location: Ships gym 23:15

It was late, Mikoto couldn't sleep. There was far too much going on these days. She needed to clear her head. Leaving Touma asleep she made her way to the ships gym. It was a large facility with many different sections. She arrived in a grey sports bra and matching shorts that showed off her slender figure and midriff. She had also tied up her hair in a singular ponytail. Luckily it was quiet so she didn't have to worry about looking professional in front of the crew.

Glenn had found himself in the ships gym, not exactly one of his usual haunts. He did have reasons for paying the facility a visit, and fitness wasn't one of them. Still, he had to look the part. Sweat shorts and a polo shirt wasn't exactly workout gear, but he'd at least look like he was supposed to be there.

Emerging from the changing rooms, Mikoto found herself rather alone, just as she liked it. Or so she thought. She made her way to an empty area set down with mats to do some stretching before she started on some cardio.

"Nice and quiet in here tonight." She said to herself outloud as she began some stretching.

"Indeed it is, Captain," Glenn offered in response to Mikoto's statement. He had the feeling that she hadn't realised that he was there, stood by a water fountain, as he contemplated exactly what he should do first. He wasn't exactly a pro with the equipment.

Mikoto turned. "I didn't see you there counsellor" she said simply. "What brings you to the gym this late?" She asked.

"I was wondering that myself, Captain," Elliot replied, with a smirk on his face, as he came closer to her. "It's a good place to observe some of the crew, catch some of the ones that fail to check in for their evaluations."

"Indeed" Mikoto replied. "It's also a good place to burn off the daily stresses of command" she explained. "Care to join me?"

"I guess that I have nae choice, Cap'n," Glenn replied, watching her for a moment or two, before attempting to repeat the stretches that she was now doing. It took him a second or two to remember that he wasn't in the most peak of physical conditions. Still, he would attempt to conceal his shortcomings, and proceed. "Are you finding your feet as Captain yet? I understand that Ermiana is your first Command?"

"Yeah" Mikoto replied. "I was surprised to be given a brand new Galaxy Class though. These class of ships are very sought-after by seasoned Captain's."

"Starfleet clearly place a great deal of faith in you, Captain," Glenn already, already feeling like he'd worked out enough for one day. Still, he wouldn't get much of an opportunity otherwise to evaluate his Commanding Officer, so perhaps this was an ample opportunity. She was right, as well, he knew. There were few starships like the Galaxy class, and getting the Command of one was well sought after.

"Yeah" Mikoto sighed. "It sometimes feels like they've put a lot on me. Considering the average age of other Starfleet Captain's, I'm pretty much a child."

"And yet, here you are," he replied, offering a smile. "Starfleet Command must be sure that you can handle it."

"Yeah" Mikoto replied. "I just hope I can live up to their expectations, the cleanup mission was meant to be an easy assignment. I wasn't expecting the Duras to turn up"

"No one expects the Spanish inquisition, Captain," Elliot offered, before proceeding to explain his comment. "If all of our assignments were to proceed as we would expect them to, I'd imagine that they'd be relatively dull." He sat himself down on a nearby stool. "As for House Duras, Lursa and B'etor were major players. The House will be feeling their loss, I imagine."

"Yeah, they were. Their challenge to the council caused a civil war. But with them gone the house of Duras is pretty much gone now" Mikoto replied. "It does make me wonder if there are fractures within the house, it does seem like the Klingons that showed up here are hell bent on trying to avenge their deaths."

"Perhaps there's more to it than that, Captain," Glenn offered. He paused for a moment, before offering some clarification. "It would be difficult to argue that the sisters of Duras were killed in anything less than honourable combat with the Enterprise. As I understand it, there is little honour for the Klingons in pursuing vengeance in these circumstances. I would perhaps surmise that there are other outside influences pressuring them to action."

"I guess you're right" Mikoto replied with a sigh. "So much for our first mission being a simple easy one huh?"

Glenn nodded, "indeed, Captain. But as I said, things would be dull if our assignments were as they were expected to be. Where would the challenge be if everything was easy?"

Mikoto pondered on what the counsellor said for a moment. "Well, I suppose we did join Starfleet for the challenge" she replied. "I guess I'm forgetting that" she sighed as she stepped up onto one of the treadmills. "Joining me for a quick run?" she asked with a smile.

"I prefer leisurely strolls, Captain," Elliot replied, stepping onto the treadmill beside her, adding, "usually to the pub." He smirked. "What I mean to say Captain, its more motivational to walk to a destination, rather than simply walking on a road to nowhere. And it's hard to think of a better destination than a pub."

Mikoto stepped up onto the treadmill. "Well, I'm not one for pubs counsellor" she pondered for a quick moment. "However, I did use to walk to the local sushi bar, that was my hangout when I was younger."

Glenn nodded, "I guess that sounds acceptable to me, Captain." He smirked, pressing start on the treadmill, triggering the belt to slowly move forward, as he started to take steps, to replicate a slow stroll.

Speeding up the treadmill, Mikoto went from a walk to a slight jog. She could feel her lungs beginning to burn as they called out for more oxygen. It was a nice burn, it made her feel more awake and more alive. "So..." she said. "You came here to observe the crew, its only me and you here though. What have you observed so far?" she asked.

"Not as much as I'd have liked to, Captain," Elliot offered. He decided against increasing the speed of his own machine. "But I have seen a crew that may perhaps not have the need for me." Before the Captain could question him further, he offered, "you've got a fine young crew assembling here, Cap'n, they'll see you well in your years to come, I'm sure. But I might be better served with patients that have a greater share of problems than your crew has."

Mikoto stopped her treadmill. It slowed before coming to a complete stop. She turned to face the counsellor. "If I'm picking this up right, you're thinking of transferring?"

"It's a consideration, Captain, certainly," Glenn replied, nodding, maintaining his admittedly slow pace. "My patient history extends far beyond simply the routine. It has occurred to me that my expertise may be better suited elsewhere. To help more people, than simply those under your Command."

Mikoto let out a sigh. "I can understand that" she said. "However, you do what you think is right. There is just over a thousand crew on this ship, however if you can help others with more needs, then your skills might be beneficial elsewhere" she admitted. "The Vulcans do say the needs of the many outweigh the few"

"They do indeed say that, Captain," Glenn replied, "and I've come to consider that there's likely plenty of truth to that."

"It is logical" Mikoto said, not in a mocking tone but a serious one. "So then, it sounds like you've decided" she asked.

"Aye, Captain, I have," Elliot offered, nodding. "And I want to assure you, it's not just because ye' forced me to exercise." He offered her a smirk, as he continued on the treadmill.

Mikoto laughed. "Well" she said as she approached him slowly. "I guess this is a farewell, thankyou for being of service to the crew" she extended her hand out to him.

Glenn pressed the stop button, reducing the treadmills speed, until it came to a stop. Stepping off, he accepted her hand. "my pleasure, Cap'n."


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