Arrival at Deep Space Nine

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Mission: The Search
Location: Bridge

The Ermiana dropped out of warp on the edge of the Bajor system not far from the Cardassian Station known as Deep Space Nine. Although smaller than most standard stations, it still boasted an impressive size and unique design. The six pylons eminating from the outer docking ring and its central tower standing proud.

Only three years ago the Cardassians had abandoned Bajor to fend for itself, leaving behind a trail of destruction, famine and a broken people. Mikoto stepped out of her ready room and moved over to the center chair of the bridge. She honestly felt sorry for the Bajorans, however she understood that the Federation, especially the crew of the station have been doing a fantastic job of assisting the Bajoran people.

Their time here was brief, it was only to take on a few supplies and pick up the remainder of the crew transfers.

"Clear our approach with the stations traffic control. Then dock us at one of the upper pylons" she ordered as she sat down in her chair.

"Cleared for docking, upper pylon C," Repeated Lieutenant Henderson from the front right of the bridge. He started tapping in commands into his console and just before he hit the execute button he muttered just enough that people could hear him, "hold onto your seats ladies and gents"

As the Galaxy Class circled the station to manoeuvre into position Mikoto noticed a strange-looking ship docked on the docking ring. It looked like a Federation vessel, but it was compact integrated nacelles and bridge but proudly wore Starfleet markings.

"Well I be..." she said out loud. "I never thought I'd see that ship out here," she said. "I had heard it had been finally launched, but I never imagined it would be assigned here"

"The rumored Borg killer;" Eila commented. "What's it doing out here?"

"It's port is here." Lurath said aloud, not looking up from his console. "I know it may surprise you, but the USS Defiant is here because its supposed to be here. Deep Space Nine is its port of call. She lives here. Unless it was on assignment, why would it be anywhere else?"

"I was making an offhand comment, Commander:" Eila responded. "I'd heard through the grapevine that Starfleet was planning something designed to combat the Borg, but I didn't know they'd actually built it."

"That people is the Starship Defiant. She was only a prototype the last time I heard anything about her. Officially she is classed as an 'Escort', built to combat The Borg after the battle of Wolf 359" she paused for a few moments looking fondly at the smaller vessel, her inner tactical officer showing through slightly. "It seems that the engineers finally solved the problem with her being overpowered and flying herself apart..."

At that moment the Ermiana launched itself towards Deep Space nice at half impulse until it got to within 20,000km where he slowed down to one-quarter impulse, James then pulled up an external view on his console and started heading for the lower pylons

"I thought we were docking at the upper pylons?" Eila said from behind him

As the lower pylons almost filled the viewscreen, James tapped in commands to put the inertial dampeners to full and rolled the ship 45 degrees to port, squeezing between the lower pylons. As he saw on his external view on his console that he had cleared the lower pylons, he pitched the ship up 60 degrees while still having the 45-degree roll, fired the aft thrusters and corkscrewed the Ermiana up round the habitat ring and the promenade, getting so close to the promenade windows that he could see shocked personal looking out of the windows.

After several moments the Huge Galaxy class ship became level with the docking pylon it was assigned to and James cut the impulse engines and used the thrusters to line up with the airlock. After some frantic console tapping to stay lined up he felt the slight jolt as the two airlocks connected. He then took a deep breath and turned around towards the captain,

"Docking maneuvers complete Captain..."

"Remind me to never get in a runabout with you, Lieutenant..." Eila muttered sarcastically. "I mean, unless our lives depend on it."

Mikoto pulled herself out of the chair and rested a hand on the lieutenants shoulder. Lowering her voice to that of a slight hush so only he could hear him "Next time Lieutenant, how about not so fancy. Remember you're flying a Galaxy Class" she told him.

Shandro stepped off of the turbolift and proceeded to make his way to the Captain. He had a PADD in his hand with a Intelligence Emblem on it as he approached. "Captain? My contact is prepared to meet with you when you are ready."

Mikoto took the PADD. "Will you do the honours of escorting him to my ready room once he comes aboard?". She turned towards the ready room. "Commander, oversee the loading of those sensor probes and the transfers of crew" she directed her speech towards Eila before she stepped towards the doors of her ready room.

"Of course, captain:" Eila nodded.

"Captain..." Shandro said as she began to walk away. He turned to face her, paused for a moment, before taking a step towards her. "It's better if its on the station. You'll understand why once you get talking." He placed his hands behind his back before adding. "Trust me. It's better this way."

The Captain stopped. 'Maybe a more neutral setting would be best' she thought to herself. "Very well" she replied. "I imagine you have a meeting spot already lined up?".

"I didn't pick it... but yes." Shandro replied. "My contact has one already picked out. Secluded so as not to draw attention from any other Cardassian's onboard the station at the moment."

"Lead the way" Mikoto said gesturing with her hand towards the forward turbolift. She glanced back at Eila, relieving command of the bridge and ship to her.

Shandro nodded his head before making his way to the turbolift. As he approached the doors, which opened up, he took a step forward only to be stopped

"Captain..." Lurath spoke firmly as he came up behind them, walking down from his tactical console the moment he saw them make their way to it, having overheard their conversation. "I must insist you bring a security officer with you."

"A security detail will not be necessary, Sir." Shandro replied, looking over to Lurath. "My contact is not an enemy. The Captain will be fine."

"Your contact is a Cardassian." Lurath countered with a firm tone as he looked to Shandro before turning to face Mikoto. "They cannot be trusted, Captain. Cardassian's always have an ulterior motive that only suites them and their government. Helping us will only be helping him."

Shandro stood firm as he crossed his arms over his chest. "He may be a Cardassian, Commander, but he's earn my trust enough to bring him in to help us. Those Cardassian's wont care about the Starfleet insignia on this ship, or the crew wearing the uniforms, but they will when one of their own is talking to them. Specifically, one with the proper codes and authorizations, they will hesitate and even listen. He'll be useful."

"Or we'll be putting him in the best position to gather information on us and Starfleet in order to deliver it to the Cardassians to use against us." Lurath replied, raising his voice slightly.

"Not... this... Cardassian." Shandro countered softly and calmly.

"I am taking a security officer with me" Mikoto stated simply. "For I am taking myself" she told him. "Plus, there is plenty of security officers both Bajoran and Starfleet on the station. I have heard their head of security has some... unique talents" she stated.

"Captain..." Lurath began before being cut off.

"She'll be in good hands, Lieutenant." Shandro said calmly before adding. "Trust me."

"And how can I trust you? You're arranging meetings with Cardassians. You work for Starfleet Intelligence who aren't known for being completely forthcoming. And you're a... you're..." Lurath paused for a moment, raising a brow, before plainly asking. "What exactly are you, Lieutenant?"

Shandro paused, looking over to Mikoto, before scanning the room. He returned his gaze to Lurath before replying. "I'm... unique." He gave a slight nod before walking into the turbolift.

Mikoto looked back and forth between the two officers. She couldn't remember the lieutenants species either, but that didn't matter to her. "Commander, you'll have plenty to do here too" she replied. "We are taking on crew and supplies, I imagine you'd want to work with Operations in ensuring they are all safely brought aboard. We are going after Maquis after all, it is rumoured they have undercover agents everywhere."

=A= Carter to Bridge, permission to switch to station power, and take the ship to condition Blue? =A= Carter and his people had been transferring one system and the next over to the station.

"Permission granted chief. Make the most of it" Mikoto replied simply with a tap of her comm badge. "Right then" She said turning back to Shandro. "Shall we go?"

"Commander. The ship is yours for a couple of hours" she said handing over control of the Ermiana to the XO for the first official time.

"Yes, ma'am." Eila acknowledged the transfer of control, though there was a visible look of disappointment on the XO's face.

MIkoto led the way into the turbolift. She waited for Shandro to enter before the doors swished shut and the turbolift sped off towards the docking port.

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