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Relaying new orders (Part 2)

Posted on Sat Aug 13th, 2022 @ 4:09am by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Commander Sonak & Commander Eila Juutilainen 'Illu' & Lieutenant James Henderson & Lieutenant Xatoo Kolen & Lieutenant Felicie Giehl & Lieutenant Shandro
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Mission: The Search
Location: Observation Lounge, Deck One

Previously on Star Trek Ermiana:

Shandro looked around the table as he began to speak. "As the Captain said, due to the attack from the Bismarck, the Cadrassian's have stepped up their patrols in the area. They're assigned two ships, always within warp range of each other, in the event of a second attack. They are determined to destroy the Bismarck whether the crew is still alive or not. However, there are a few Cardassian officers who are willing to assist in the detainment of the ship and willing to provide the safe return of the crew. That number is small so we need to tread lightly." He paused for a moment, looking to the Captain and Executive Officer. "I have a contact who may be willing to help us through any problems we may come across with the Cardassian ships, but you need to tell me quickly because the window to contact him is small."

"I've been authorized to intercept or destroy that ship at all costs. Reach out to your contacts as soon as we're done here" Mikoto replied. "Any information will be valuable"

"And as far as assistance?" Shandro asked. "Would you be willing to work with... an familiar enemy?"

"Define 'A familiar enemy'" Mikoto responded.

"A Cardassian." Shandro with little, to no, hesitation.

An awkward silence fell upon the room. Mikoto finally broke it after what seemed like an eternity. "We've worked with them before. We have a peace treaty the last time I checked. If they are willing to offer us assistance, it's assistance we need"

Shandro nodded his head. "And with every interaction there has been a level of caution. Us, and sometimes them, expecting the other shoe to drop. Mistrust and subterfuge." He paused for a moment, nodding his head, before concluding. "Granted... it's earned and helped us be prepared... but with this one it wont be necessary. He can be trusted. In fact, even likable."

"Let me know as soon as you make contact" Mikoto replied simply.

And now the continuation...

Shandro nodded his head.

"We need to be prepared for anything we encounter. We could potentially find ourselves in some sticky situations. Suggestions" Mikoto asked looking around the room.

After the intelligence briefing, Felicie spoke up, "as you mentioned, Starfleet thinks that the original crew is dead, maybe held hostage on their ship at this point. We can get a triage unit prepared in one of the many cargo bays aboard just in case we do find them."

"I agree" Mikoto replied. "The Bismarck would carry a crew of just over three hundred, so have Cargo Bay Two ready" she added. Although the Ermiana's medical facilities were vast, such a high number of patients wouldn't be able to fit all at once in ships medical bays.

Lurath looked around before saying, in his firm tone. "We need to establish a point of no return. It is likely we will come into fire with the Bismarck and disabling her may prove difficult. With the crew on board, dead or alive, we must establish a moment in which we decide that destroying the ship is the only outcome." He paused, his facial expression not revealing his emotion, before adding. "It would be a preferred outcome to rescue them alive, however should we only retrieve their bodies, at least the families will be able to grant them rest in the rituals followed by their people."

"Understandable. I know it sounds harsh, but our firepower greatly exceeds that of the Bismarck. We'll have to determine that course of action when we come to it" Mikoto replied. "There's a lot of factors in this mission we will need to consider"

"If we hesitate in every action, eventually, that hesitation will cost us." Lurath replied firmly. "And just because your power exceeds the Bismarck, does not mean it won't be formidable. I've seen many battles where a much stronger ship has fallen to one they believed were weaker. If these Maquis are familiar with our strategies and tactics, they will be a challenge."

After nodding in response to the Captain, Felicie watched silently as the discourse about the Maquis came up. While she had dealt with Wolf 359, Borg tactics were vastly different than Maquis tactics.

"Indeed you're right" Mikoto said. "The Bismarck may not have the same arsenal as we do, however the Maquis know the area and the ship is much more maneuverable than ours" she paused for a moment. "We're going to have to be... creative at times"

"We're definitely going to have to be creative sir" Piped up Lt Henderson from the bottom of the briefing table. "If we go into the Badlands and we encounter anyone with hostile intent, I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to maneuver the ship into a half decent tactical position never mind a good one if the plasma storms are particularly active. Remember this is a Galaxy Class starship, she's built for exploration not combat."

Mikoto nodded to agree with the lieutenant.

"Captain, if the storms are quiet I can give you most of the usual patterns except possible the Kappa ones. However if the storms are active, your going to be lucky if you get the basic alpha patterns. It's going to be like an old western standoff, fastest draw wins it were"

"Also I would probably recommend not using the dorsal phasers on the warp nacelles, the plasma storms will wreak havoc with them" James says glancing over at the new tactical officer

Lurath looked over to James, narrowing his eyes for a brief moment, before replying in a firm yet non-hostile tone. "I am well away of what the plasma storm capability is, Lieutenant. I thank you for your input on something we were both taught at the Academy. However, I ask you not tell me how to defend the ship and I will not tell you how to fly it. Agreed?"

"I understand your concern regarding the plasma storms. The area we've been assigned to search is less prone to the more violent of the plasma storms" Mikoto explained. "But that doesn't mean they won't give us trouble. I want you to work with Astrometrics and get have round the clock monitoring of storm activity"

"What about saucer separation?" Eila suddenly asked. "Do we know if the Bismarck is capable of it and if the terrorists know how to do it if she is? And would saucer separation be a viable option for us in the badlands?

"Saucer separation would require command authorization." Lurath replied firmly. "If the Bismarck were capable of such a feet it would require the authorization codes from its Captain and First Officer. However, I believe this would be a tactical error on both ships part. A saucer separation would leave both ships at a disadvantage; Reducing power, speed, and weapons capability significantly. They would be easily taken by us if they performed such a maneuver and our greatly exceeded firepower will be lost."

"I see;" Eila nodded. "And if the Bismarck's captain and first officer are dead, then the Maquis wouldn't be able to perform a saucer separation. But, if they are alive and being held hostage, then it might be a different story: Because while we might think that a saucer separation would be a tactical blunder, the Maquis might not think that way, and attempt a 'divide and conquer' strategy. I believe it's a scenario we should be prepared for, even if it seems counter-intuitive. Because if the Maquis are anything like what I've read in the news, then making the implausible plausible is their specialty."

Lurath got the impression his last statement was only partially understood. "As I pointed out prior... seperating would reduce their power, weapons, and speed. Giving us, a fully intact Galaxy Class, the advantage. Their shields wont be strong enough to hold back the firepower we can produce. That would not be a strategic advantage. It would be suicidal."

"The Bismarck is of older design. Centaur Class, the only way to separate her engineering hull from the saucer is to blow the explosive bolts" Mikoto told them. "They would lose warp drive and their torpedo armament. Not to mention its an emergency measure" she informed them.

"If that's the case, could we maybe force them into blowing the explosive bolts? Use the prefix code to overload their warp core or something? If I remember my starship classes the Centaur Class is basically an Excelsior saucer attached to Excelsior nacelles with a Miranda weapons pod in between. We get them to separate the saucer from that weapons pod then she just has phaser emitters, doesn't she? not arrays like us?" Henderson suggests and questions at the same time.

"That is another function that requires two separate codes, given by Command staff members." Shandro replied, slight brow raised. "It's creative, I'll give you that, but there is a reason why its set that way. Emergency situation in the event of critical damage to the nacelles and warp core. The bolts are also triggered internally which makes aiming at them impossible."

"I think our best option is to attempt to disable the ships engines" Mikoto suggested. "If we can stop them dead in their tracks then we'll have a better chance of disabling the ship as a whole."

Felicie just nodded along with the conversation as she took detailed notes about their plans and suggestions, things that she would need to look at for sources of injuries, and the plain unknown situation that they were going to shortly find themselves in.

"I agree with the captain;" Eila said. "If we can disable the ship, it'll be easier for us to apprehend the Maquis hijackers and bring them to justice."

"Then its agreed" Mikoto said. "We will determine the status of the Bismarck crew, disable the vessel and take the Maquis hijackers into custody. I want all personnel to practise boarding and self defense drills. If the Maquis can get their hands on one Federation Starship, I'm not allowing them to take this one too" she told them as she looked around the staff. "Anything else?"

Pete cleared his throat. "Beg pardon ma'am ..."

"Yes Commander?" Mikoto asked holding up a hand to stop people from leaving. It seemed their Chief Engineer had something to add.

"For starters Doc, if it's alright with you I'd like to talk with you for a moment after and work out just what you'd like.

Captain, we still have cargo bays 2,3,5 and 12 stripped from the salvage of the Enterprise. We can convert them into practically whatever the Doc would like easily enough.

Jim', Pete nodded towards Henderson. 'The initial systems will need to be calibrated, from what I've read the Badlands can really play hell on control thrusters." Henderson smirked as if Pete had made the understatement of the year.

"One other thing everybody seems to be forgetting." Pete got up and stepped to the large display at the end of the room. "If I may Captain...."

Mikoto nodded simply.

Pete slowly manipulated the visual of a Centaur class ship. "Right here between the underside of the torpedo pod and where the nacelles join the rest of the hull." Pete drew a circle around the area he was talking about. "It's the ultimate blind spot. That area generates so much sensor static that's the point to aim for. Jim, that's why Centaur pilots are told to steer a slight zigzag course at all times. I'd be a bar tab, if the Bismarck has been taken, who's ever at the helm won't know that trick. It could be our ace in the whole ma'am." Pete said as he crossed his arms and leaned on the wall next to the display.

Lurath stood up and walked over to the display. His eyes locked on the Chief Engineer as he approached. He stopped by his side, staring at him firmly before pointing to the same spot. "That trick is not well hidden. Klingon's have taken down many Centaur class aiming for the same area, and your assuming their pilot doesn't know that blind spot exists. These are former Starfleet Officers who have the same training many of us here do and, if their intent was to steal this ship, they may have used the same tactic." He turned to face the Captain before firmly adding. "Details of how they took the Bismarck over have yet to be confirmed. So we can't assume any weakness we find, or exploit, is unknown to them. Our best plan is one we can determine when we finally get her in our sites." He looked back to Pete and added. "We can't assume we know something they don't unless we are sure they don't know it. It's a clever idea, none the less."

Mikoto studied where Pete had drawn the circle and took in what Lurath had said. As a tactical officer herself it made sense, but then if it was a known weakness its something they may know about. "How do you know about this weakness? Have you served on a Centaur before?" she asked.

"No, but I have served on a Klingon ship. Their tactical courses, in the KDF, partially consist on revealing weaknesses discovered on other ships during battles. The Centaur's weakness is one of the many weaknesses taught."

Mikoto raised an eyebrow at Lurath. "I find that interesting that the Klingon Defence Force teach their tactical officers about weaknesses in our Starship designs..." she said. This was a fact that she didn't know, especially since the Federation and Klingon Empire were currently allies. She looked over at Pete to ask the same question.

"It's a hobby of mine ma'am. I like to try and find mistakes that were made. I find it gives me a unique insight on how not to make the same mistakes." Pete said making a slight grin before returning to his chair.

"I see" Mikoto replied. "Well, most of the Maquis are just colonists, however Commander Lurath does have a point. Some of them are ex-starfleet officers. We should assume they know of this weakness to the Centaur class, but that does not mean we should disregard it completely"

A moment of silence fell upon the room. Mikoto finally broke the silence. "Well, we all have plenty to do. You all have your orders, we arrive at Deep Space Nine in just under twelve hours. We have until then to get this ship ready, dismissed"

Lurath stood up and proceeded through the doors leading in, now out, of the Conference Room. As he made his way to the Security Offices he would make a note to bring up schematics of Cardassian ships. Get to know their armaments' and tactics. Read reports on how they move. Whatever he could find that would help. There was no doubt, in his mind, they would come across a few. Perhaps they wont get into any confrontations, but he wanted to be prepared. Just in case.

Shandro nodded his head, to the Captain, and left on his way to his office. He had to make that call to his friend. If they were going to come across Cardassian's on this mission, his friend would certainly help. Shan's only concern was how the others would take seeing a Cardassian walking around. He may be an ally to Shandro, but the others don't know him like he does. He may get into a few scraps and the last thing Shan wanted was to put his friend in the middle of that.

The Trill nodded at those that were still in the room when she excused herself to get both Sickbays prepared for whatever they might find, and to take over one of the cargo bays in the drive section to make sure that they had ample triage space. "I'll get with you about the cargo bays in the next couple of hours, Lieutenant Commander Carter."

Henderson stood up and grabbed his PADD, "I'll be in Astrometrics Captain, seeing if we can tie in their sensors to the navigation ones. I'll let you know how it gets on." He nods to every one who is left in the conference lounge and heads down the ramp to deck two and the turbo lift there.


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