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Next Stop - The Badlands (Part 2)

Posted on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 @ 7:11pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori & Lieutenant Commander Sonak & Commander Eila Juutilainen 'Illu' & Lieutenant James Henderson & Lieutenant Felicie Giehl & Lieutenant Shandro
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Mission: The Search
Location: Bridge

Previously on Star Trek Ermiana:

"Captain, Cardassian people were killed in these attacks. You have no authority here." The Gul replied as he raised his tone. "We demand justice. Cardassian justice for those who have died! We will not be denied this!"

"Settled down, Dorvon." Came a voice from inside the turbolift, before a Cardassian Officer in a Gul Uniform walked out before stopping in place. His uniform looked just like that of the Gul on screen but the insignia was different. "And is it really necessary for you to stand that close? There is no need to show these people you have a big head... I am sure they can tell immediately." He gave a smirk as he walked down to the centre of the bridge, his hands firmly behind his back.

And now the continuation...

"Gul Jalak?!" Dorvon replied in shock, holding back his frustration at the comment. "What are you doing on board?"

"The same thing as you, except, I decided to not take the route where I make an ass of myself." Jalak replied. "In order to speed up the search for the Bismarck, I have been allowed to work with Starfleet in order to ensure that those responsible for the deaths of our people actually face justice."

Dorvon narrowed his eyes slightly. "If this ship puts up a fight, as we believe is shall, their deaths will be enough justice for the Cardassian people."

Jalak began to laugh as he shook his head. "Gul Dorvon...." He said firmly as he gave the Gul onscreen a stern look. "It is the decision of the Cardassian Government that those responsible are made an example of, and so, their capture is a priority over their murder..." He paused slightly before correcting himself with a slightly devious tone. "I mean... deaths. Wouldn't you agree?"

"I demand to see your orders."

"What you demand and what you receive will be determined... by... ME." Jalak replied, raising his voice. "However... you will receive my orders if that will speed things along and I no longer have to deal with your stupid..." He paused a bit before ending with. "Tone. Please stand-by." He looked over to Mikoto in hopes she takes the hint and cuts the other Cardassian off.

Mikoto ran a finger quickly under her neck, the sign for the viewscreen to be cut off. Which it was leaving the bridge quiet, only the tones of buttons on the bridge panels could be heard.

Mikoto turned to Jalak. "Well..." she said with a slight sigh. "Seems we're no longer alone in this endeavour."

Gul Jalak shrugged his shoulders, looking away from Mikoto, to focus on the image of the Galor class ship on screen. "If you believed there would only be one Cardassian involved, then... what's the Earth saying?" He smirked as he turned to face Mikoto with a devilish look. "I have a bridge to sell you, Captain." He gave a slight chuckle before look back to the screen again. "And just because one ship made its presence known it doesn't mean there aren't more lurking in the void of space."

"Can you use your authority to tell us exactly how many their are?" Shandro asked.

"Now... now." Jalak replied as he turned to face Shandro and Mikoto. "I can't give you the key to every door. That would just be inviting you to snoop around in my house and we can't have that... can we? And, before you try to hide it, I already know I will have eyes and ears on my at all times. So let's not pretend like you're about to invite me to dinner to meet your families... shall we?"

'Yeah, I wouldn't even think of inviting him to my quarters...' Mikoto thought to herself. The appeal of a double agent having access to her personal life was far too risky to her. She turned back to her chair and slowly lowered herself down into it.

"Commander Lurath. I want continuous sensor sweeps on both long and short range sensors. We have the ability to detect Cardassian Ships as well as our own. We might as well use that advantage." Mikoto ordered glancing over at Jalak.

Jalak seemed to laugh at the comment, before stopping. "Of course you do." He looked over to Mikoto before looking away with a smile. "By all means... scan away."

Lurath narrowed his eyes as he tapped his console before speaking up. "Captain... If the Cardassians ships have managed to find a way to hide their approach we could be caught off guard should they attempt to disable us." He looked over to Shandro and continued firmly. "Your friend should tell us so we can defend ourselves."

Jalak raised his brow as he turned to the Tactical Chief and replied. "And if I don't, Klingon, do you plan to beat it out of me?"

"If it risks this ship and its crew... I will." Lurath said as he narrowed his eyes.

Jalak crossed his arms over his chest and give the Klingon his own firm look as he replied. "I wouldn't waste me time."

"Because you would lose." Lurath countered.

"No... Klingon... because you wouldn't be much of a challenge. I would rather face a real Klingon warrior and not... a domesticated Targ." Jalak said with a smirk.

Lurath let out a deep growl and stepped away from his console as he approached them with a frustrated look on his face.

Shandro pushed the Cardassian back slightly. "Enough, Jalak."

Jalak said nothing to Shandro. He just kept his eyes locked on the approach Klingon while holding onto the smirk on his face.

"Enough both of you!" Mikoto said in a slightly raised voice. She sighed as she rose to her feet and turned back to Lurath. "Commander, please remember that you are a Starfleet Officer, and head of security on this ship. Please refrain from..." she paused for a brief moment "...Temptation"

Lurath looked at the Cardassian firmly before looking over to the Captain and nodding his head. He placed his hands behind his back and took a deep breath in order to calm himself. However, he knew this Cardassian would do something to cross the line and when he did, Lurath would be there to throw him forcefully in the Brig.

"As for you," Mikoto said turning her attention back to Jalak. "You might be here by invitation of Starfleet and may well be representing Cardassia in this mission. But you are currently on a Starfleet Vessel and we show each other more respect than a Cardassian ship. You'd be smart to remember that and follow the rules if this partnership is going to work"

"Captain..." Jalak said softly as he walked toward Mikoto slowly. "You are more than welcomed to throw me off this ship, if you feel, my assistance will hinder your attempt at rescue your fellow officers. However, I remind you, my presence here is not only to represent my people in this joint pursuit, but it is also to act as a deterrent to the other Cardassian vessels who have no intention from distinguishing you from friend or foe. I am currently a better shield then the array that was given to you by your own Engineering department." He stopped in placed, his eyes shifted to Shandro, before he adding softly. "Make no mistake, Captain. My people would rather see everyone on board the Bismarck, Starfleet or Marquis, dead and they will make up whatever excuse they need to justify it. You have a better chance at getting your people alive with me onboard than without me. I may not mean much, but I give you my word I will behave myself. As long as I am given no reason to react... disrespectfully." He soon gave a bit of a smile as he extended his hand to her. "Agreed?"

Mikoto scowled slightly. "Agreed," she said simply taking the Cardassians hand. "Now, how about we do something about that Galor Class Warship thats blocking our way?" she asked. "I believe they're waiting for you to call them back?"

"Do you want to see a magic trick, Captain?" Jalak said softly, smirking again, before walking over to the ops station.

"Erm..." Xatoo said, he seemed a little reluctant to give up the Operations console, especially since it had access to most of the ships essential systems.

"Captain..." He looked over to Mikoto. "If you please?"

Mikoto simply nodded down at Xatoo, allowing him to grant access to Jalak.

As the Operations Officer stepped aside, Jalak stepped up to the console. He tapped a few buttons, before looking back to the Ops Officer to ensure he wasn't looking over his shoulder. When he was satisfied, he finished at the controls and clapped his hands before holding them out. "And... tada" He gave a smile as the ops station began to display a message that the Galor Ship was pulling away. "I just made a Cardassian Starship... disappear."

Xatoo looked back and nodded. "The Cardassian Ship is pulling away Captain. Heading away from us at full impulse speed..."

Mikoto raised an eyebrow. "You'll have to teach me that trick..." she said in a slightly sarcastic tone.

"Perhaps I will, Captain..." Jalak replied softly before looking to her with a smirk. "When you've earned the proper clearance." His smirk shifted to a smile as he walked back to the Captain. "Now then... perhaps someone can escort me to my quarters... or a dining area. I am eager to open up a bottle of Kanar." He quickly looked over to Lurath. "Don't worry... I have no desire to drink anything replicated. I brought a real bottle and, if there are any takers, enough to share. Although, I won't be disappointed if its just me."

"I'm sure that Commander Juutilainen can show you to our Ten Forward..." Mikoto said as she looked over towards Eila who had been rather quiet the entire time.

"Of course," Eila nodded. "Perhaps the bottle you've brought is a different brand than what Quark stocks?"

"What the sorry excuse for a Ferengi has should not be considered Kanar, Commander." Jalak replied quickly before placing his hands behind his back and continuing calmly. "Which is why I brought my own, from Cardassia Prime. From the finest vintage. Made on Cardassia... By Cardassians." He let out a chuckle before asking. "Perhaps, the Commander, would join me in a glass... when off duty, of course."

"Certainly," Eila smirked. "I'd love to taste what you call 'real Kanar,' so long as you don't mind that my girlfriend joins us?"

"As long as she doesn't mind sitting in the company of a Cardassian." Jalak replied, with a smile. He glanced over to Shandro, before looking back to Mikoto. "Anything else, Captain... You know where to find me." He began to walk toward the turbolift. "Whenever you are ready, Commander. I'll be waiting."

Eila got up from the XO's chair and followed Jalak to the turbolift.

Mikoto looked up towards Lurath. "Have a security guard keep an eye on him at all times..." she said quietly so that only Lurath could hear her.

After everyone left the bridge with their guest, Felicie went and handed off the PADD that she had hand carried to the bridge. "I'll make sure we're up on any special needs our guest might need," she offered.

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