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Getting to Really Know You

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2023 @ 2:27am by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Touma Kamijou & Commander Eila Juutilainen 'Illu' & Lieutenant Aleksandra Litvyak 'Sanya'

1,629 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: The Search
Location: XO's quarters and Captain's quarters, Deck 2

In Eila's quarters, Eila and Sanya were getting ready for what Eila had been told was an informal night with the captain, and Eila had chosen some cute cocktail dresses for her and Sanya to wear. However, as they were getting ready, Eila had noticed that Sanya was receding back into her shell, looking increasingly nervous each time she looked into the mirror.

"Lighten up a little, Sanya;" Eila remarked, placing a hand on her girlfriend's shoulder. "It's casual night, not a formal dinner."

"I know, comrade; it's just that..." Sanya responded, remembering the rage-filled eyes of the Andrea Doria's captain when she had to report that she had lost their star engineer. "I mean, what if the captain doesn't like me? And decides to demote me for looking at her wrong?"

"Oh, nonsense!" Eila laughed. "A captain who demotes people for looking at them wrong probably shouldn't be captain in the first place. Look; would it make you feel better if I told you the captain's fiancé is your rank equal? At least, that's what I'm led to believe."

"Really?" Sanya gasped, her eyes lighting up. "So, I'd have someone to talk to, comrade?"

"Indeed." Eila said. "But Sanya, you really should start getting comfortable with the notion of speaking to your superior officers. I know I sound like a broken record here, but they're not all out to get you."

"Indeed you sound like broken record..." Sanya said, suddenly hugging Eila. "But, you're my broken record!"

"Awww, and I love you, too:" Eila responded, kissing Sanya on the forehead. "Well, if you're ready, shall we head down the hall?"

"I suppose so..." Sanya muttered.

Exiting Eila's quarters, Eila and Sanya made their way down the hall to where the captain's quarters were located. When they reached the main door leading to the quarters, Eila pressed the chime to alert the occupants to hers and Sanya's presence.

After pressing the chime, Eila inadvertently returned to the XO's posture with her hands behind her back.

"Get that will you!" Mikoto called as she continued to place out the plates and cutlery on the table in the center of the room.

Touma crossed the room and opened the door. He smiled at the two women standing in front of him. He hadn't yet met them, but he was aware of who they were. Plus they were guests tonight. "Please come in" he gestured.

"Thank you for having us." Eila nodded to Touma as she and Sanya crossed the threshold. "I don't believe I've had the time to meet you yet; I'm Commander Juutilainen, the new XO, and this here is my +1, Lieutenant Litvyak."

Touma smiled. "Lieutenant Touma Kamijou" he introduced himself. "Although, I've been told by Mikoto that rank stays at the door tonight" he informed them.

"Well, that's a relief;" Eila sighed. "But even so, I wouldn't count on Sanya to say much; she's quite shy and has a hard time letting go of rank."

Mikoto looked up from the table where she had been setting out plates and cutlery. "Make yourself at home" she greeted them with a smile.

Eila turned to Mikoto and smirked.

"You know, back in Finland, house guests usually expect to be offered coffee." She said. "I mean, if you want us to make ourselves at home and all.."

"In Japan, all people usually remove their shoes when entering a household" Mikoto replied with a slightly sarcastic smile. Although it didn't apply to Starfleet ships she mentioned it regardless. She glanced over towards Touma who lifted up a china teapot from the side.

"We have some tea I prepared earlier" he said breaking the tension. Mikoto finished laying the table and walked over to the two of them.

"So" she said. "Ranks are off the table tonight" she told them both. "How are you Eila? Sanya?"

When Eila didn't speak up immediately, Sanya knew she was being put on the spot, and the nerves kicked in:

"I... I am..." Sanya muttered, fidgeting. "Do... Doing well, Cap... I mean... Comrade..."

"As you can see, Sanya here is one of few words." Eila said, grabbing her handkerchief from her pocket and wiping the sweat off Sanya's forehead. "Poor thing; probably took an immeasurable act of courage just to say those few words..."

"You have no idea..." Sanya muttered quietly to Eila.

"Comrade?" Mikoto asked cocking her head to the side slightly in confusion. She guessed it must just have been the nerves. "Sanya, do you suffer from some sort of social anxiety?" she asked. "And its Mikoto by the way, and he's Touma..." she added pointing to Touma.

Sanya blinked twice in confusion when the captain asked about her social anxiety.

"Were you a Counselor too, Comrade Mikoto?" She asked.

Mikoto smiled as she shook her head. "No. I was a security officer until I went into command" she explained. "I served as the Chief of Security aboard Bellerophon until she was destroyed at Wolf 359. Luckily our escape pod was rescued before the Borg could destroy or assimilate us" her voice lowering slightly in desolation.

"I see..." Sanya muttered. "Well, I hope you didn't get demoted because of the comrades you lost..."

"I survived" Mikoto said simply, a slightly uneasy expression emerging on her face. "Commander Buxton and I were the only officers on the bridge to survive the initial assault. I watched The Borg murder over eleven thousand men, women and children." she paused for a moment looking away at the floor. "Its not something that I like to recall. However, I believe it has made me a stronger person and now I can command this ship to try and prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again".

"Dinner's served!" called Touma who was carrying a tray of fine china with intricate design on them. He placed the china down in the positions on the table. "Mikoto likes it when I cook. Mainly because she's not that good at it..."

His comment was greeted with a slight punch in the arm from Mikoto. Smirking he invited them all to sit down. "The menu I prepared tonight is izakaya inspired. Its a little more modern though. This is a tuna sashima pizza with truffle ponzu and washabi tobiko" he explained.

"Smells delicious! Certainly not something you'd get back in Finland." Eila commented. "Oh, that reminds me!" Eila exclaimed, reaching into the handbag she had chosen to bring with. "I brought along a couple containers of Slavic potato salad to go along with tonight's dinner: It's a special recipe from Sanya's babushka. Don't worry if you eat it all, Sanya's babushka cooked to feed the whole neighborhood, so we've got plenty left back at our quarters."

"I've not had Soavic potato before" Mikoto replied. "So, how are you both finding the ship and crew?"

"It's certainly a step up from the Queen Mary." Eila said. "I must admit, it is surprising that Commander Taylor is remaining on board in a different role. It's not every day that an incoming XO gets the chance to work alongside their predecessor."

"It's an unusual situation. But she found command not for her, it's not everyone's cup of tea" Mikoto replied simply.

"Well, I sure hope that same fate doesn't befall me." Eila said. "Up until recently, I was happy being a counselor, so I'm a bit out of my element here."

"So, what made you go into command?" Mikoto asked.

"Well, the decision wasn't really mine." Eila giggled nervously. "I suppose my counseling must have resounded with the higher ups on the Queen Mary, because I was told I was going to be transported back to Earth to take a Kobayashi Maru exam on a rather short notice."

"I see" Mikoto replied. "Well, it seems we have a ship full of newbies. Yours truly included. The Ermiana is my first command, although being the Exec of the Venture was a big responsibility. I was told it was rare for a Captain to be given a Galaxy Class Starship as their first, especially a brand new one like the Ermiana here."

"Wow, I suppose I'm not that far off when I say that good Starfleet officers must be getting hard to come by." Eila muttered. "I mean, Starfleet's no doubt still reeling from Wolf 359 almost five years later, and with everything going on with the Dominion, I'd be willing to go out on a limb and say Starfleet morale is at an all-time low."

"The loss of the Odyssey and the Enterprise hasn't helped either" Mikoto replied. "Both Galaxy Class Starships, and one of the flagship and pride of the fleet. You could say that your assumption of morale being low is more then correct."

"You know yours truly once applied to be a counselor on the Enterprise." Eila said. "Starfleet rejected my application because they felt that Deanna Troi was more qualified than I was. Yeah, that one hurt, not going to sugar coat it... It is surprising to hear that it's been destroyed already. The Enterprise couldn't have even been 10 years old yet."

"Eight years of service" Mikoto replied simply. "Although, I hope that the Ermiana lasts longer"

"I'd say that's a good goal to work towards;" Eila said, raising her glass. "So, how about a toast, then? To the Ermiana lasting at least nine years!"

"Hopefully longer," Mikoto said with a nervous smirk as she also raised her glass.

Eila giggled.

"Hopefully longer." She agreed. "Cheers!"

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