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Back in the Race (Part 1)

Posted on Thu Feb 22nd, 2024 @ 1:03am by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Ensign Wendy Marvell & Breeze & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori & Lieutenant Commander Sonak & Commander Eila Juutilainen 'Illu' & Lieutenant James Henderson & Lieutenant Felicie Giehl & Lieutenant Harper Matthews & Lieutenant JG Kromal Ezazzan & Lieutenant JG Feeva Drylo

1,411 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: The Search
Location: Various - USS Ermiana

'Captains Log. The last two days have been hard on the crew and the ship. The attack by the Maquis using the Starship Bismarck left us crippled. The Cardassians showing up didn't help either. They are now ahead of us in the search for the Bismarck. I believe they have no intention of returning the ship to Starfleet if they do manage to beat us to it. No doubt they would tear that ship apart for its secrets, a sad ending to any Starship.

Engineering reports that we are ready to restart our engines. With a little hope we should be moving very soon now that repairs have been completed. I intend to catch up to the Cardassians and beat them to the Bismarck. I fully intend to take that ship back into our custody. I only hope that its crew are still alive so we can take them back to Starfleet along with their ship. I dread to think what the Cardassians would do to them if they were still on board.

End Log.'

The doors of the ready room opened and Misaka walked out onto the bridge. She swiftly made her way up the two steps to the command area and sat down in the center chair. She turned to look at Eila. "Lets restart those engines and get this ship moving." She said simply. Indicating for Eila to take the lead.

"Attention all departments, thus is the first officer:" Eila announced. "Please report your statuses when able."

Sonak turned towards the Captain. "Our sensors are still under repair, Captain" the Vulcan reported from Science station I. "We only have partial sensors restored, however, we can continue to utilise the probe sensor net as an interim solution."

Down in Sickbay, Lt. Feeva Drylo was on yellow alert, as they were still recovering from the attack. She made the rounds from patient to patient, checking them out to ensure there were no more losses. She filed her reports as "satisfactory," and returned to stocking her hyposprays. She was, essentially, on standby for the moment, until further orders or clarifications were made.

Felicie had finally finished up the last patient she was working on. A small sheen of sweat glistened at her hair line in one of the places that they normally kept cooler than the rest of the ship. Worn out was a good descriptor of what she was feeling. "Hey Lieutenant, can you spare a moment from those riveting hyposprays, and help me with my forehead?" It had been taped at the time, as she wanted everyone else focused on the more damaged folks in their sickbay. Now that that was done, it was her turn.

Feeva nodded, and turned to the woman. "Of course!" She said. She retrieved a towel to dampen it, and then a first-aid kit. "Sit down," she instructed. "This might hurt," she said, tearing away the medical tape to reveal the woman's head wound. She applied some antibiotic ointment to it, and then a bandage over it. "Alright, you'll be ok," she said. "Hypospray for the pain?" Her softly-accented Standard was soothing, she hoped.

Felicie had winced when the tape was pulled off, but other than that, it felt much better than what it had been with the application of the antibiotic cream. "No, I'll be fine. Rather save the dermal regenerators for when it matters."

Feeva nodded. "Yes, ma'am," she replied. "Should we prep some biobeds..just in case?" She asked.

"Definitely the best idea," Felicie agreed with Feeva.


=A= Bridge to Engineering," Misaka said. "Initiate engine restart sequence. =A=

=A= Stand by Captain. I'm waiting on a diagnostic to finish. =A= Carter said. =A= Okay Captain, at best, at best, we can give you warp 4. Henderson, bringing impulse engines online, rebooting helm controls ... now. =A=

James nodded and pressed a button on the console. He watched as the console displayed a progress bar and a list of system checks. He glanced at the viewscreen, where the plasma storms of the Badlands crackled and flashed in the distance

"Come on, come on," James muttered to himself

The console beeped and showed a green message: "Helm console reboot is complete. All systems are operational. Warp drive ready. Impulse engines at full power. Navigation sensors are partially online. Thrusters calibrated. Flight control is stable.

James noticed that the navigational sensors were still showing some issues. He knew that the ship's main sensor array was still being repaired by the engineering team and that they had deployed a probe sensor net system to replace it temporarily. He activated the link between the helm controls and the probe sensor net and adjusted the console settings to optimize the signal.

"Computer, confirm the link between helm controls and probe sensor net system," he said.

"Link confirmed. Probe sensor net system is providing navigation data to helm controls," the computer said.

James smiled and checked the console display. He saw a clear map of the surrounding space, feeling more confident and relaxed now that he was back behind his console.

The door of the turbo lift parted, the figure emerged in a light swirl of the long soft pink dress with chifon lace over the fitted dress, her blonde hair braided over the fron of her left shoulder, her steps flowing with a type of grace as if she walk softly upon a clould as she walk down the the command Island. A tray with a real ceramic mug bearing the Ermiana Logo upon it and the Captain's name etched in gold under the Logo.

Her chocolate brown eyes met the Captains as she gave a warm smile and offered the tray.

"A steaming mug of hot chocolate, real mix, for you Captain, it is hinting to be a long day." The melodious voice of an alto nearly singing upon the wind as she bow slightly.

Misaka blinked a few times in surprise. She looked over at Eila as if to ask 'When did I get a civilian yeoman?'. She then looked back at the woman. She must be one of the many civilians on the ship, and on closer inspection she briefly recognised her from tending the bar in ten forward. "Why... thank you. Its almost like you read my mind." Mikoto said as she took the mug. It did smell good, much better than the replicated hot chocolate.

"Captains do tend to think, loudly." Breeze replied softly as she gave a wink while starting to turn for her exit route.

"Wait... I think loudly?" Misaka questioned outloud as she held the mug and stared at the viewscreen with a rather confused look on her face. She shook her head quickly, as if shaking the thought out of her mind. She noticed that several of the bridge officers were watching the strange interaction. "As you were people!"

She sat back in her chair, suddenly feeling as if it was swallowing her up in embarrassment. Slowly she took a sip and her eyes opened a little more. Slowly she looked over at Eila. "Its actually really good..."

"I knew you enjoy a real cup of chocolate, helps sooth the nerves." Breeze smiled softly. "Now I know I got it right , thank you Captain."

"N...Nerves?!" Misaka exclaimed outloud. She snapped back to her self and turned her attention back to the helm. "Lieutenant. Get this ship moving!"

“Captain, course locked in for the last known location of the Bismarck. I’ve got Lieutenant Temaha plotting the grid search pattern along her last estimated heading. This will be initiated as soon as we arrive Clear to engage, sir?”

Misaka nodded in response.

Breeze silently moved away towards the turbo lift trying to be unobtrusive as possible considering the exchange, her steps were soft but carried her towards the lift.

Just as Breeze reached the turbolift, the doors opened as Lurath stepped out, bumping into her as tray would hit the floor. He growl formed in his threat as he looked up bout to scream, but his Betazoid sense took in the fear and he immediately let out a soft chuckle. "I'm.. sorry." He said softly as he bent down and picked up the tray. "I should watch where I am going?" He looked up to Breeze, looking her over slightly, before handing it back to her and asking. "Are you permitted on the Bridge... Miss?"

To be continued...


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