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Back in the Race (Part 2)

Posted on Thu Feb 22nd, 2024 @ 1:06am by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Breeze & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori & Lieutenant Commander Sonak & Commander Eila Juutilainen 'Illu' & Lieutenant James Henderson & Lieutenant Felicie Giehl & Lieutenant Harper Matthews & Lieutenant JG Kromal Ezazzan & Lieutenant JG Feeva Drylo
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Mission: The Search
Location: Various - USS Ermiana

Previously on Star Trek Ermiana:

Just as Breeze reached the turbolift, the doors opened as Lurath stepped out, bumping into her as tray would hit the floor. He growl formed in his threat as he looked up bout to scream, but his Betazoid sense took in the fear and he immediately let out a soft chuckle. "I'm.. sorry." He said softly as he bent down and picked up the tray. "I should watch where I am going?" He looked up to Breeze, looking her over slightly, before handing it back to her and asking. "Are you permitted on the Bridge... Miss?"

And now the continuation...

"Thank you." Breeze took it with her left hand, leaving her right hand in what looked like a nervous habit. "I have permission otherwise I could bring things to the Captain like her mug of chocolate."

Lurath looked down at her hand, taking a minute to note the nervous feelings that were practically vibrating off her, before nodding his head slightly. "As Chief of Security, Miss, it helps to know. You aren't in uniform and its unusual to a civilian up here, unless given permission by Command which you say you have, Miss..?" He tried against to get a name out of her, mainly to know who she is and to try to see if it helps calm her nerves.

"Breeze... Just Breeze." Was her reply with a slight bow. "I should have alerted Security to my permissions." SHe straightened and smiled. "I have only been aboard since DS-9 and need to get my rounds done. I apologize for my part in this."

"It's okay, Miss... Umm. Breeze. I'll kept an eye out for you when I see you on the bridge." He smiled back, as best he could, as he nodded his head. "You were only doing your job. No harm done. I hope the rest of your day improves, Breeze."

"You are kind, thank you." She flushed slightly. "Please excuse manners, may I have your name?" She asked.

"Lurath, Son of Grogri." He replied, but soon chuckled a bit, as he continued softly. "But, Lurath, will do nicely." He felt something from her. Something he felt often when around other Betazoids, Vulcans, and other species who telepathic abilities. She was one as well. "And... Breeze." He said softly, tapping his temple slightly, as he continued telepathically. Making sure to not push any further. Only to let her know he was telepathic. 'If it makes you more comfortable. You can speak to me in here. Sometimes, for me anyway, this is easier because I can't always find the words quick enough. You have my permission.' He gently placed his hand on the side of her arm and nodded his head. Saying aloud. "Okay?"

Again you are kind, I have no speech capability. With the touch the natural release of a little relief escape without knowing. I try to be polite with others always, permission helps getting to know someone after all.

Lurath nodded his head, almost immediately thinking of his time as a child and how he was picked on, inadvertently sharing these images with Breeze. The times he was called a freak by other Klingon children. He was shunned by Betazoid kids who thought they were better than him. Leading to times he would be all by himself, away from everyone else, just to keep from lashing out on them because he knew it wouldn't solve anything. 'I understand. I didn't mean to pry myself. I just felt you were telepathic and got the sense it would be easier for you. Believe me, I know first hand, what its like to have a voice but still feel like you don't have a voice. I've been through that feel and its a horrible feelings and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. So, if it helps, know you can always speak to me like this if you can't find your words with that device. You can certainly find them with me and... I will always listen.'

You do not know what relief that is, I find forming my Language to words... difficult. I would welcome a ... She had to think Chat over Coffee in my Lounge sometime, I do love good conversations. The images of just sitting across from a female Betazoid and talking telepathically happily is with her thoughts.

Lurath nodded and even smiled. It was very relaxing to speak to someone like this and show someone the Betazoid part of him and not always the loud and proud Klingon part which always seems to win out. 'I wouldn't mind a good conversation either. Over Coffee or drinks. It will be nice to actually have a friend who understands me even when I am having trouble finding the words.'

That sentiment we share. With a genuine bright smile she agreed. I look forward to it.

' As do I' Lurath replied mentally, keeping to his smile. A site that was very, very, rare for him.

The interaction between Breeze and Lurath had gained a bit of attention. Misaka had turned in her chair watching them both as she sipped the hot chocolate. Now they were just looking at each other without speaking. She raised an eyebrow and turned to Eila.

"Hey... What do you think's going on back there?" she asked in a whisper.

Eila turned around to look for herself.

"I'm not sure, but it seems someone's caught the bug." Eila returned the whisper with a wink.

Breeze flushed deeply as she suddenly felt all eyes upon her.

"I-I am a dis-trct-ion." Her hand a flurry of motion to activate her voice. Plea-see ex-excuse me." She needed to get behind the doors of the Turbo Lift.

Breeze projected to her 'old friend who she just met. I-I have made a spectacle, please excuse me Kind Sir as I should be back to work. Her feeling like a disturbance flow from her. I look forward talking with you at a later time.

Lurath was caught off guard, uncertain of what happened, as she walked off to the Turbolift. I will stop by late-. The doors suddenly shut, cutting off their telepathic bond since they were no longer in visual range. "Later." He said softly aloud before walking to his tactical console. He looked up briefly, noticing the many eyes on him, suddenly realizing this is what drove Breeze away. The half Klingon placing his hands on top of the console and gripped it tightly as a growl formed in his throat. His eyes shifted between all the eyes who quickly looked away once he locked on.

"Ooook." Misaka said as she also turned in her seat and faced the front of the bridge. "Engineering. Please tell me you have those engines restarted? Before anything..." she paused for a brief moment "...else happens up here."

Harper had taken up the position to the left of the Captain. It was an advisors seat, an extra one that often sat empty but she'd asked if he wanted her present on the bridge and she agreed it might be of value at times.

The exchange between this woman and the Captain was most odd. Harper had sat in silence watching the conversation and the oddness of bringing the captain a hot chocolate on the bridge. Coupled with the strangeness of that the Captain's shock and confusion over it didn't sit right with her. She would need to look into the ships personnel files to see who this Breeze was as she also seemed to settle a rather grumpy Chief of Security with ease.

Since their initial encounter some time ago, Kromal had taken some classes on sign language and understood some of what had been said. While the translator helped, it had been odd for the Gorn to see it for the first time. That said, he had work to do.

"Captain, it appears our repairs to the computer core worked," reported the Gorn Chief Operations Officer. "Distribution sequences are nominal and I'm reading a positive flow of power from the reactors. I think we fixed it."

"About time..." Misaka muttered. "Helm, lets get back in the race. Best speed towards those co-ordinates." She ordered. "Engage!"

"Aye Captain," Lieutenant Henderson responded and tapped the massive engage button to get the ship underway.

The Ermiana banked slowly in space, its engines powered up and finallyt jumped to warp disappearing in a flash.

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